• Bee’s Diamonds' comprehensive scope of services fulfill your every need with your diamond purchase:
  • Re-polishing is performed to correct minor damages on diamonds such as nicks, scratches and finishing. It can also be performed to turn an Internally Flawless diamond to Flawless, which render a much higher value in terms of clarity grading. This would usually result in a minor weight loss, which is often insignificant enough to be concerned.
  • Bee’s Diamonds’ team of gemologists and cutters would review and assess your concerned issues related to re-polishing in person after examining your diamonds thoroughly under microscope. We would provide suggestions and proposals on the diamond’s suitability for re-polishing to achieve maximum results. Estimated charges on labour and cost will also be provided after close examination of the concern diamond(s). Repolishing works can take one day up to one month.
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