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From solitaire engagement rings to beautiful vintage rings, Bee’s Diamonds offersprofessional customized ring services, combining tailored design, exquisite production and award winning customer service all in one.

Every Bee’s Diamonds ring design is tailor-made to suit the size, shape and fire of each diamond. They are tailored to reflect the taste, preference, lifestyle and personality of the wearerand to enhance the chosen stone’s colour, hue, saturation, brilliance and natural beauty while maintaining durabilityand sophistication. All of our rings are hand-made by some of the most experienced goldsmiths and artisans in Hong Kong.

If you are looking for a particular design or a ready-made semi-ring mount to fit your perfect diamond, Bee’s Diamonds has over three hundred ready-made designs that you can try on at our studio in Central, Hong Kong. Speak to our diamond experts today to discuss your options for anelegant ring to mark your special occasions. From choosing the right diamond, toknowing her ring size and choosing the suitable metal type for that diamond ring, Bee’s Diamonds is your one and only stop for all things diamonds.

Classic versus vintage diamond rings

Do you know that the colour metal of a diamond ring can have varying visual effect on different skin tones?

Do you know certain width of a diamond ring band will make fingers look longer and slimmer?

Classic settings

In classic settings, diamonds are mounted by its girdle so that light can shine through from all angles. We measure the height of how high each diamond should be mounted to reflect its maximal beauty. We meticulously calculate the thickness of each prong and the ring shrank to allow perfect proportions and stability. With our three steps quality assurance test, we do not tolerate any request to compromise on quality.

Prong setting is the most popular kind of ring setting in classic engagement rings because the empty spaces in between each prong allow light to flow into the diamond from all angles. In particular, 4-prongs and 6-prongs ring settings are most popular. They do not only secure the diamond snuggly, but also enhance the beauty of a diamond’s symmetry if mounted correctly.

The size of your chosen diamond should be one ofthe determinants of whether to choose 4-prongs or 6-prongs setting. If the solitaire diamond weighs more than 2.00 carats, we suggest 6-prongs setting to ensure durability and security. This is because diamonds that weigh more than 2.00 carats are comparatively heavier than what a normal solitaire ring band would be able to withstand, so added prongs would add extra security.Meanwhile,4-prongs settingsare simple and elegant. The diamond is displayed clearly and sharply without much interference. Australian solitaire ring designs are becoming more popular as they allow more space for light to shine in through the pavilion. In classic settings, classifying hand sizes and body built for the most suitable ring design is crucial. Schedule an appointment today with our expert for our professional suggestions.

Vintage diamonds designed to suit any wearer

Other than classic solitaires and modernistic rings, Bee’s Diamonds specializes in designing and handcrafting vintage style diamond engagement ringsthat resemble designs from early Victorian period, Art Nouveau to Art Deco. If you are looking for a special ring to suit her preference for anything vintage, our expert with knowledge of various periods of vintage jewellery will be at your service to guide you through on how to design and tailor-make a ring of her dreams. Ask us about handcrafting the ring with our artisans in Central to experience the creation of vintage diamond rings, too.

At our consultations, Bee’s Diamonds gemologists will help to determine the most suitable design for the wearer. We classify hand sizes and body built to provide the most suitable suggestions. You can also schedule a consultation here.


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