Caring and Cleaning

  • Caring

      All precious metals are not as hard as diamonds. Metal can scratch and incur dents when it comes in contact with harder elements. We strongly advise our customers against wearing jewellery to beaches, swimming pools, public theme parks or when doing sports, so to avoid knocking, scratching or losing your favourite jewels. Repeated contact with perfumes, cosmetics, bleach, household detergents or chemicals, ultrasonic cleaning or insecticides may damage the diamond and gemstones that decorate your jewellery.
      This is especially true with platinum because it is a ductile and malleable metal. Platinum jewellery is not suggested to be worn when heavy chores, sports and other activities are carried out.
  • Cleaning

      For most jewellery, you can keep them in good condition by cleaning them, every so often, with lukewarm soapy water and scrubbing them with a small, very soft brush, one at a time. Carefully rinse and dry with a clean cloth before storage.
      With rings, we recommend you to remove finger rings when you wash your hands because particles of soap may become lodged in the gaps. However, jewellery with pearls and/or emeralds should only be rinsed with cold water with extreme care and lightly patted dry with a clean soft cloth before storage.
      Diamonds attract skin oil and dusts; wipe the diamonds in your jewellery with diamond cloth after wear on a regular basis to ensure shine and brilliance. All jewellery should be checked and cleaned professionally yearly. Bee’s Diamonds is happy to provide these services at your next visit.
  • Storage

      Store your jewellery individually to avoid scratching
      Store jewellery in the jewellery protective box given to you at the time of your collection at Bee's Diamonds.
      Do not place several pieces of jewellery together without separate protection
      Protect your jewellery from impact against hard surfaces and avoid contact with abrasive surfaces
      Before wearing your jewellery, check the clasp and the piece’s safety catch to ensure security and that the setting of the stones is snug. If necessary, go through the three steps test conveyed to you at the time of collection to ensure that the piece is in condition suitable for wear in public. If in doubts, do not wear your pieces until you have them checked at Bee's Diamonds.
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