• Bee's Diamonds provides full post-sale customer service care to your diamonds and jewellery. We will share with you tips on caring and protecting your jewellery on a complimentary basis and will provide annual checks and cleaning services.
  • Bee's Diamonds' jewellery piece is guaranteed for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects. Within one year from the proven purchase date, your jewellery piece will be repaired at no cost to you if it suffers from defective clasps (excluding the loss of clasps), broken links and missing side stones equal to or less than 0.05 carats. However, any damages to the jewellery caused by the following are not covered by this manufacturing defect warranty:
      Improper and/or excessive use, care and/or wear;
      Unreasonable wear;
      Normal wear and tear; and
      Damage(s) under physical and/or accidental abuse.


  • The following losses and damages are also not covered under this warranty:
      Loss of center stone, diamonds equal to or larger than 0.06carats and/or precious stone(s);
       Any platinum-made jewellery;
       Nicks, scuffs, and scratches;
      Theft or loss of jewellery;
      Any custom work done against the advice of ’jewellery designer(s); and/or
      Any other non-manufacturing defects which are determined by our artisans who are highly experienced in the custom jewellery industry.
  • Bee's Diamonds’ warranty policy is void if your jewellery (1) has been used together with non Bee’s Diamonds products, and/or (2) has been worn, used or handled in ways that are not meant to be worn, used or handled.
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