Choosing a Diamond

Bee’s Diamonds go above the rigorous “4Cs” selection standards and exceed customers’ expectation. To sustain a perpetually capitalizing inventory, we stock on market’s top 5% diamonds. Gemologists at Bee’s Diamonds spend time and effort measuring the quality of each diamond, only picking the most balanced and clear diamonds available. That means, only 1 out of a thousand of diamonds that we inspect meet our selection standards - standards that our founder, Mr. Bee, laid over 40 years ago. We value purity and quality that can withstand the passage of time.
Our diamonds guarantee the following strictest requirements of perfection:

BrilliancePerfect cutting proportions
ElegancePristine purity that guarantees perpetual investment value
ExcellenceEthically sourced at great values

“After a whole day of inspecting over 100 of diamonds, each for over 120 times, I found one suitable and showed it to Mr. Bee. He took a detailed look and ask me to go back for a better one. That’s how rigorous it is at Bee’s Diamonds. I admire his persistence to source only the best for his customers.” - Junior gemologist, Bee’s Diamonds

GIA diamonds for investment or jewellery

When you are choosing a diamond to buy, you look for perfection. At Bee’s Diamonds, you will be attended by highly experienced diamond specialists who start your search progress by equipping you with the necessary knowledge on diamonds. You will then be put in charge of your own selection process using latest technology and professional equipment. Your personal service manager will be with you from consultation, selection, design, to production in a comfortable and non-pressuring environment.

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Not only do we offer personalized consultations, but you can find guides on our website that help you understand what exactly to look for in a diamond purchase or investment. We know you want to get the most out of your acquisition, and go home with a cherished treasure that can be celebrated through generations. Whether you are looking to buy diamond as an investment, a customised piece of jewellery or the perfect engagement ring for that special unity, get in touch with Bee’s Diamonds today. Get in touch to speak to an expert member of our team.

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