Ethics & Value

  • Great values

    Having been a world-renowned diamond wholesaler for over three generations, we translate diamond wholesale knowledge into consumer value. When you choose Bee’s Diamonds, you are choosing to buy diamonds at values that jewellery retailers would be sourcing at. You will be selecting top quality diamonds at trade prices before others.

    Your diamond investment is secured at great value at Bee’s Diamonds.

  • Legitimate Origin

    Bee’s Diamonds possess a strong sense of social responsibility. We demonstrate zero tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds by adhering to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) and only acquire diamonds from reliable miners and manufacturers who are respectable for their strict adherence to the KPCS.

  • Certification and Laser Inscription

    Authenticity of our diamonds is guaranteed with internationally renowned gemological laboratory reports. All diamonds weighing from 0.30 carats come with an internationally recognizable Gemological Institute of America (GIA) report that provides expert’s analysis of a diamond's quality based upon the "4Cs". At GIA, each diamond undergoes a technical screening process, determining its potential as a synthetic or diamond stimulant, and is tested to ensure that the color is natural. Each diamond is then laser inscribed with a unique GIA number to correspond with its report. Because GIA is internationally recognized and it not affiliated with any commercial enterprise, its results are impartial. For more information on GIA reports, please visit

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