Purity is our utmost diamond grading factor. It portrays a wider spectrum of factors other than clarity. It is the key to determine whether a diamond’s value can withstand the passage of time and market fluctuations. Purity refers to a diamond’s inclusions in terms of its location, size, nature, and a diamond’s overall durability and visual appearance.  The better the purity of a diamond, the rarer and the more valuable it is. On average, diamonds with high purity compose of only 2 to 3 percent of diamonds in the market.

As each diamond is unique, one diamond can have higher purity than another, even though they have the same clarity grade. Their prices would also vary significantly. Take two identical 1 carat diamonds with D colour, VS2 clarity as an example - one may be more valuable than the other because it has lesser inclusions with faint appearance, while the other is less valuable because it contains a few clusters of black colour inclusions in the center.

── Bee's Purity Low Purity
Bee's Diamonds - Bees-Purity Low-Purity
If there are two diamonds of the identical 4C classifications, Bee’s Diamonds chooses the one with inclusions placed aside or unclearly seen.

Bee’s Diamonds’ diamond inventory only consists of the top 5 to 10% of highly grade purity. Our gemologists are obligated to analyze and fully disclose each diamond’s purity level at our consultations.

With our founders’ half a century of experience in the diamonds industry, this meticulous standard of purity known as Bee’s Purity is adhered to by all staffs. Our diamonds are free from any of the following:

  •  Visibly included without the assistance of magnification
  •  Black or brown spots, coloured crystals stationed in the center
  •  Chipped or damaged with cleavage(s)
  •  External blemishes that can affect overall durability
  •  Artificially treated, man-made, irradiated, laser drilled or heated diamonds
  •  Filled with a slight tinge of brown, black, grey, or green
  •  Free from any laser drill holes, scratches, nick, chips or artificial indentations
  •  Originate from only conflict free zones and not from any of the Zimbabwe's Marange diamond district which offer colour tinged diamonds
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