Perfect Cutting Proportions

A diamond sparkles due to its cut. An ideally cut diamond reflects a balanced amount of white light, often commonly known as fire, brilliance or scintillation. Bee’s Diamonds works with the world’s most experienced and finest cutters to determine how to best enhance a diamond’s beauty. Often before a diamond is cut, we examine and predict a diamond in great detail to ensure that they meet with Bee’s Diamonds standards of brilliance.

Our gemologists, trained by the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA), reference their selection with GIA’s standard of cuts. We do not compromise our cutting standards with any other grading device such as the Holloway Cut Advisors which can eliminate some of the world’s best cut diamonds from selection.

This is a brief checklist that our gemologists use to evaluate a diamond’s standards of brilliance:

Bee’s Standards of Brilliance Unacceptable features
 Ideal proportions of cut and dimensions  Broken culet
 Table percentage being from 55% to 60%  Retention of excess weight in hidden areas
 Crown angle from 32.5 to 35.5 degree  Visually fisheye or nail head
 Total depth of not more than 62.9%  Having an out of place table and/or culet with disproportionate symmetry
 Girdle thickness from think to slightly thick  Having off-round girdles
 Presence of hearts and arrows effect  Retention of major polish lines, scratches, abrasions, marks and damages

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