Ring Size

We understand that it is difficult to get to know the intended wearer’s ring size. At our consultations, our experienced gemologists can estimate her finger size. Alternatively, you can also attempt to obtain her suitable ring size:

  • Take a current ring that fits the intended finger properly and bring it to our Bee’s Diamonds’ consultation for measurement
  • Wrap a tight string (the texture and material of the string cannot stretch or twist which may yield an inaccurate measurement) around the intended finger and measure its length on a ruler*, this will give the inner diameter measurement for the ring
  • Ask friends or close relatives of your ring recipient if they know his/her finger size
  • Ask the intended ring recipient her ring size if this is not a surprise gift
  • Find the ring size on Bee's Diamonds Ring Size Measurement Chart
  • If you are located overseas, you can reference on a ring size that you try on at a nearby local jeweller. You may wish to check its corresponding finger size according to Hong Kong standards International Ring Size Measurement Chart.

*Be aware that finger size can change depending on the time of day and the weather. You are advised to measure the finger size at the end of day or when fingers are warm, or measure it 3 to 4 times to ensure accurate reading.

In order to provide full customer satisfaction, Bee’s Diamonds provide one time complimentary ring resize within six months after purchase.


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