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    Bee’s Diamonds assess, appraise and produce valuation of your diamond and jewelry collection. Whether you are in need of a jewellery valuation for insurance, looking to sell your family heirloom at auctions, or wanting to prove your jewellery collection for divorce proceedings in court, our GIA certified gemologists are professionally trained to assess, appraise and issue valuation reports that are commonly accepted by prominent insurers in Hong Kong and abroad. We share our expertise,provide accurate and professional third-party opinions so you know exactly how much your diamondor jewellery is worth by replacement, in the trade, at retail or within the auction markets.



    Our appraisal service includes a 15 minutes assessment of your piece while you meet with ourgemologist in one of our private meeting rooms. We will also answer your questions on the piece’sorigin, history and condition of the piece during the assessment while all conversation content is kept strictly confidential. On a one-on-one consultation, our gemologist will provide a detailed explanation of each step of the procedure and the equipment’s used during the examination. We will not retain any piece of your jewelry in the meantime, and you will also be able to supervise your piece during the entirety of the assessment.

    Within the next few days, you will receive both hard and soft copies of the piece’s appraisal andvaluation report. The assessment will take place in our office located in Central, while the valuationpart will usually take 2 to 3 business days after the assessment.

    What differences are there in valuations performed at auction houses and at Bee’s?


    Appraisals performed by Bee’s Diamonds are independently performed. It is best recommended foranyone who wants to obtain an independent opinion on how much the piece is worth without beinginfluenced to make a selling decision. Whether you are looking to auction an antique brooch or aVan Cleef & Arpels ruby ring, an independent valuation performed before consigning your piece toan auction house will give you a fair value for reference and ensure that you maximize yourinvestment returns.


    Before we schedule an appointment for you for the assessment and valuation, you can contact us with the following information:

    1. Is the diamond / gemstone that you wish to value mounted or un-mounted?

    2. If it is mounted, can you send us a picture of the piece of jewellery that you wish to havevaluated?

    3. How big is the diamond / gemstone that you wish to have it valuated?

    4. If the piece contains a diamond, does it come with a certificate and a laser inscriptionnumber?

    5. Why do you need to have the diamond valuated?

    6. A few dates of which you wish to come in for the assessment and valuation.

    Contact us for more details by writing to us here


To show our gratitude to our clients, we provide a complimentary appraisal service for all Bee’s
Diamonds' jewellery within one year after purchase.

    <0.99 carats
    • HKD1,500 up
    1.00 to 1.49 carats HKD1,500 up
    1.50 to 2.99 carats HKD1,500 up

All other carat weight to be quoted separately

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