• Catered towards those with special requests to mark a commemorative purchase, Bee’s Diamonds possess the latest laser technology to inscribe a diamond with special words on its girdle. Some examples of inscribed words include “H&A”, “I love you” and even personalized phrases with names of the gift giver and recipient.
  • Laser inscription on girdles do not affect the clarity or reflection of light in a diamond. The inscription is done on the exterior surface on a girdle, which is also the same location as where GIA would inscribe the diamond’s unique GIA number. Laser inscribed words on a diamond’s girdle can only be visible with at least 10 time’s magnification and cannot be spotted with the naked eye. It does not affect the overall grading of a diamond.
  • < 1.99 carats HKD400
    2 – 4.99 carats HKD700
    5 – 14.99 carats HKD1,000
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