• Got an old diamond with out of range cutting or a diamond with a sizable table? Inherited a diamond with chipped pavilions, abraded culet or damaged facets? If you are thinking of restoring your diamond to a durable condition or increasing a diamond’s value with better cut, then the technical solutions would be re-cutting and re-polishing your diamond to achieve such results.
  • Re-cutting a diamond is for repairing serious damages or to reconstruct a diamond’s appearance, fire and brilliance. An antique cut diamond can be re-cut into one with a modern flavour. Re-cutting can also be used to remove a severe chip to prevent further damage from propagating. A diamond with good to very good cut grades can be re-cut to achieve an excellent cut grade with a few weight losses.
  • Bee's Diamonds - Recut diamonds
  • Top view image of diamond before re-cutting Top view image of diamond after re-cutting
    Note the large culet and undefined facet
    Note the clear definition of facets and plethora of sparkles and fire radiating from the diamond
  • Bee’s Diamonds’ team of gemologists and cutters would review and assess your concerned issues related to re-cutting in person after examining your diamonds thoroughly under microscope. We would provide suggestions and proposals on the diamond’s suitability for re-cutting to achieve maximum results. Estimated charges on labour and cost will also be provided after close examination of the concern diamond(s). Reculting a diamond can take a few days to months.
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