Neutral, Professional and Fluent advice

BIAMS is Asia’s leading diamond investment advisors. Our Hong Kong based specialists provide high level, diamond investment services, offer investors with insights and assistance, one-to-one guidance on investment trends and access to collectable and tradable diamonds. We help investors build lucrative and appreciating diamond investment portfolios. How BIAMS meet your diamond investment needs.

  • Unrivalled trade know-how | Bee's Diamonds

    Unrivalled trade know-how

    With over 40 years of experience, Bee’s Diamonds equip you with unparalleled industry know how on unspoken industry rules
  • Fluency | Bee's Diamonds

    Professional advice

    Our neutral GIA trained gemologists provide neutral options analysis and pros and cons on what to invest and their speculative yields
  • Professional advice  | Bee's Diamonds

    Professional advice

    and neutral, options analysis from our GIA trained gemologists
  • Expert level education | Bee's Diamonds

    Expert education

    Educate to be a sound diamond investor of any types for both short and long term
  • Research-data | Bee's Diamonds

    Extensive research

    Our up to date sales and auction data, international price fluctuations, analytical charts, market development information and investment trends allow you to assess your portfolio anytime, anywhere
  • Negotiation | Bee's Diamonds

    Negotiation power

    Equipped with negotiation skills and techniques specific for the diamond industry and insurmountable networks, our team negotiates the best price for your acquisition
  • First immediate | Bee's Diamonds

    First hand access

    Preview unique, high quality diamonds before they are exposed to the market to gain first hand access for your investment
  • Safe collection | Bee's Diamonds

    Safe collection

    With world-class business premises being in the central business district of Hong Kong, your diamonds are guaranteed to arrive safely and be collected through secured pathways
  • Success guaranteed | Bee's Diamonds

    Success guaranteed liquidation

    With our marketing expertise and industry specific networks, your diamond portfolio benefits from various options of actualization, including instant buy-back, whenever you need to turnaround your investment
  • Asian-presence | Bee's Diamonds

    Asian expertise

    We know Asia best. Our clientele range from North Asians to Australians. There is no one better than Bee’s Diamonds who are more fluent with commodity investors’ needs in Asia
  • Frequent | Bee's Diamonds

    Frequent Asian visits

    We travel to our investors to keep them abreast of updates in the industry. Our regular visits include Singapore, China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia
  • Around-the-clock | Bee's Diamonds

    Around the clock

    Bee’s Diamonds investment consultants are on call 24 hours through all methods of communication to ensure that your every investment enquiry is met beyond expectation
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