• Q: What is the profile of a Bee’s Diamonds investment client?

    A: S/he combines passion and pleasure with expectation for returns. S/he invests neither for the sole purpose of adornment nor investment yields.

  • Q: What is the recommended minimum required capital to invest in diamonds

    A: We help meet the needs of all individual and institutional investors with different investment objectives. Our minimal investment capital for each investment transaction is USD60,000.

  • Q: Is investing in diamond a long-term investment?

    A: Diamond investment is directly linked to a collector’s collection cycle, which is at least around 10 to 20 years instead of 2 to 3 years.

  • Q: What average return can someone expect on a diamond investment?

    A: There is no average return, every investment is different. Nevertheless, the mistake would be to only take into account the “raw cost” of the purchase of a diamond, instead of the costs involved to liquidate a diamond.

  • Q: And from a tax point of view?

    A: There is no tax to legally purchase diamonds in Hong Kong and Singapore. There is also no export or import tax in Hong Kong. In addition, there is no requirement to declare your diamond possession when you enter into or depart from Hong Kong.

  • Q: I have learnt about diamond investment. What’s next?

    A: After our initial consultation, we will personalize a diamond Investment proposal that is well suited for your investment objective. Depending on the availability of the diamond(s) proposed, a viewing meeting can be arranged to view the preferred diamonds. Some diamonds may not be able to be viewed, especially if they are currently held by collectors. After viewing, you may wish to confirm which diamond(s) to procure or to make further request of the refinement for your proposal. Additional fees may apply if the request to refine a proposal significantly differs from your initial request.

  • Q: Is there any legal contracts to be signed for the sale and purchase of diamonds?

    A: For centuries, the diamond industry operates based on trust and a mere form of hand shake by professionals. In the situation where we need to act on your behalf to procure any diamonds, we will handle the transaction smoothly and keep you informed throughout the process. In most situations, the diamonds proposed are available immediately and can be purchased upon confirmation. We will also keep you notified in the case where any offer or sale and purchase agreement is needed to complete the sale transaction.

  • Q: What about privacy? Will my identity be disclosed?

    A: Bee's Diamonds is a strong advocate of personal information protection and privacy. From the moment when you contact us, we pledge to ensure exclusivity, client confidentiality and protection of your identity. A majority of our private customers are celebrities and well known individuals who enjoy the enclosed service areas of our studio without being disturbed by outsiders.  Bee's Diamonds protects their identities without disclosing any information to any other third parties.

    We may occasionally collect personal data, such as your name, email address and preferences, so to enhance our personalized service for your enjoyment. In such situations where we may utilize your information for the purpose of providing better service, we will not use such data to send you materials of nuisance nature or forward your personal information to any third parties not employed by Bee’s International Group Limited. We are in full, and above and beyond the compliant of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486) of the laws of Hong Kong at all times. Your personal identity and purchase history data will not be disclosed to anyone, including your closest family members, without your permission.

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