Your Chinese Antiques Investment Consultant

BIAMS extends its expertise on commodity investment service to Chinese antiques. We educate, offer exclusive access to high quality Chinese antiques from all around the world and help to appreciate the value of your investment portfolio.

BIAMS takes care of your ever commodity investment needs from diamonds to Chinese antiquities, with a major focus on Chinese ceramics and porcelains produced from the Han Dynasty to the Republic period. With your interest in Chinese antiques, we equip you with the necessary professional education on making your first or advanced Chinese antiques investment. Some of our education and consultation topics include:

  • Antique Appreciation | Bee's Diamonds


    Appreciate the beauty of Chinese antiquities from aesthetics and scientific angles
  • Antique Differentiation | Bee's Diamonds


    How to identify genuine pieces from counterfeits at marketplaces and auctions
  • Antique Identification | Bee's Diamonds


    Select top-quality, investment worthy antiques from mass market
  • Calculation  | Bee's Diamonds


    Calculate market value and speculate investment yields
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