Antique Investment Process

  • Step / Consultation

    At our one-to-one private consultations, our antique experts will understand your investment objectives, preferences, expectations and goals. We will also assess your level of affinity and understanding for Chinese antiquities and tailor recommend the period(s) of focus to suit your needs and level of experience with Chinese antiques collection. We will also provide detailed history and information about the piece you’ll have on display, adding a story and context to your acquisition.

  • Step / Options viewing

    Once you have identified your area of interest in Chinese antiquities from our consultations, your investment advisor will propose a series of investment options tailored towards your investment interests, objectives and goals. This will be done either in the form of a private preview and in person meeting. For premium investments, your advisor can arrange meetings with local and Asian museums curators and collectors for you to gain deeper understanding of the various investment options.

  • Step / Purchase and Completion

    Once an option has been selected, in depth viewing will be arranged with external specialists before confirmation. BIAMS can also arrange n independent valuation to be procured on the intended investment piece and help to follow through with proper due diligence checks. Once an option has been purchased, completion will take place with the guidance of BIAMS’ advisors and delivery will be arranged at the instructions of investors.

  • Step / Redemption and Storage

    Your Chinese antiques investment can attract lucrative returns in various ways and BIAMS’ advisors are in the best position to suggest and offer numerous redemption methods. We can also evaluate your portfolio and advise on the speculated rate of returns from time to time. When it is time for complete actualization, BIAMS will be your strategic partner to realize your returns.

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