Your desires for jewellery that exemplify your unique personalities and speak of mind are fully appreciated at Bee’s Diamonds. It is because of this need for individualism that Bee’s Diamonds exists to provide busy modern women with both liberty of choice on diamond and gemstone selection, coupled with a secured, private and comfortable setting to express your thoughts through words and drawings with the help of our jewellery designers. At our workshop, every design is illustrated and hand-crafted toperfection through numerous personalized fitting sessions, ensuring quality and durability in years to come.

With Bee’s Diamonds’ bespoke and custom made jewellery, whether youare looking for a solid investment that can be cherished by generations, or an engagement ring that wows, we provide professional opinions on each proposed designs and guide you through the making, production and finalization process of one of a kind jewellery piece. At collection or delivery, we share jewellery caring tips to ensure complete satisfaction.

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This gorgeous pair of diamond dangling earrings consists of eighteen groups of oval shaped diamond clusters which line up a parade of sparkles altogether. Available only in 18K white gold.
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The fineness of gold utilized to set a piece of jewellery plays an integral role in its durability. At Bee’s Diamonds, we use the purest forms of gold in our products, consisting of either 18K gold, platinum or titanium. All jewellery bear a mark indicating the fineness of gold content and a detailed invoice or receipt stating the content will be issued at collection or delivery.

18K Gold (White / Gold / Rose / Black)
The standard of fineness for 18K Gold is 750. This refers to the gold content being 75% gold and 25% being other gold alloys, including palladium and silver. 18K Gold jewellery can appear in white (silvery), black, purple, blue or even rose-colours. It is most commonly seen in white gold because of its strength to withstand normal wear and tear due to its rhodium plating which is extremely hard and it minimizes the jewellery's vulnerability to scratches.

For customers who may have slight risk of skin allergies towards the gold alloys used in 18K gold, we recommend setting your diamond onto platinum which is a dense, malleable, ductile precious, gray-white transition metal. The majority of platinum jewellery is 95% pure platinum combined with 5% iridium, palladium, ruthenium or other alloys.

Although platinum is hard in nature, it is also extremely ductile and malleable which is not recommended for setting jewellery with refined details or with a valuable center diamond. Platinum is also vulnerable to daily wear and tear and can be susceptible to scratches resulted from constant contacts with hard surfaces.

Titanium is increasingly becoming popular as a jewelry material due to its unique properties. It is hypoallergenic, lightweight and corrosion-resistant. It is also non-toxic to the human body. Titanium rings are therefore practical for those who regularly swim in ocean or chlorinated pools. However, titanium rings can have varying degrees of fatigue resistance and tensile strength. Titanium is comparable to steel in its resistance to sawing.

The following table compares and summarizes the three major metals used in high jewellery:

  18K Gold (750) Platinum (PT950) Titanium
Colour appearance White, Rose, Yellow, Black, Blue, Purple, Orange, etc. White White, Grey, Brown
Composure 75% Yellow Gold and 25% Gold alloys 95% Platinum and 5% Gold alloys 90% Titanium and 10% Gold alloys
Characteristics Highly durable, suitable for refined details, curvy designs with small diamonds Easily scratch-able, ductile and malleable, must be thick to sustain wear and tear Hypoallergenic, lightweight, corrosion-resistant
Weight Light Heavy Extremely light
Suitability Designs with refined designs suitable for petite and medium built women Wearers with skin allergies to unknown gold metals Heavy designs that require light weight metal for comfortable wear
Visual appearance as time passes The original yellowness of 75% yellow gold will resurface Patina, a sheen of greyness will appear over years Coating of colours will come off within months with frequent usage
Replating/Polishing needed as time passes? Yes Yes Not available
Resizing available? Yes Yes No
Cost of replating (subject to change) HK$350 (USD45) HK$500 (USD64) Not available
Value factor Value for money Expensive Highly expensive due to rarity

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