Quality Control

Not only do we pledge to always offer diamonds of superior quality, we take pride in our customers’ satisfaction at Bee’s Diamonds. We continually strive to exceed your expectations.
We take great pride in the quality and workmanship of all our products. We impose strict quality control guidelines on all of our manufacturers and diamond suppliers. All Bee’s Diamonds’ products are carefully inspected by our quality control team when they are received from our vendors. We verify that each item meets the exacting quality standards set for that product.

All of our items are subject to the following quality control checks:

      Each piece of jewelry casting is examined for cracks, porosity or other defects.
      All handpicked diamonds are double checked for exactness of size, clarity and shape.
      Each finished piece of jewelry passes quality checks before and after polish.
      The final examination is performed by a gemologist before the item is delivered to you.
Before your jewelry is delivered to you, we complete a final 2-step quality assurance test to guarantee that your jewelry item adheres to our strict standards. Before it goes out of the door, we carefully check your diamond under magnification to ensure that all accompanying certificates and diamond documents accurately match each diamond. A second jeweler other than the one who set the diamond does a final inspection to ensure the setting is symmetrical, with flush prongs on each stone so that maximum brilliance is achieved. Assuming your completed order passes the test, it is then given to the packaging department.
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