​​Should you buy diamonds from Hong Kong retail stores?

16 October 2021

​​Should you buy diamonds from Hong Kong retail stores?


Many consumers are misled in shops. Like all retail stores, staff are taught sales techniques and not knowledge of their product. For example, retail shops often offer discounts and sales to dupe their customers into quick buys. Unfortunately, jewelry stores are no exception. 

But because diamonds are a considerable purchase, consumers really should be more cautious about their investment. Therefore the real question to ask is not where to buy diamonds, or whether to buy them from retail stores. The key question is rather, how to buy diamonds worth its price?

In other words, is the diamond I’m looking at, value for money? The only way to answer this question is to understand how diamonds are priced by the industry. If you are armed with this knowledge, no matter where you go, you will be able to invest intelligently, without being sold to. 

For example, diamond clarity is a factor that is often neglected and underplayed by retail sales staff. They may tell you clarity is one of the least important factors to consider. But this is actually a vested interest because most retail stores do not stock such rare diamonds for everyday shoppers. High-clarity diamonds are much more rare than the rest. 

And did you know even a diamond with the clarity grade will be differently priced? It’s not only the given grade, but the actual clarity of the diamond that will determine price. A table-clean diamond is much more expensive and valued than a diamond with black spots in its table, even if they share the same GIA grading.

To know more about the standards that determine diamond prices, get in touch with one of our GIA certified gemologists for a preliminary consultation. Invest in knowledge first. A diamond with lifetime enduring value, will follow.

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