Ring Band Width

10 July 2020
Ring Band Width
The Secret Formula to Achieving Function and Style

Fashion trends will often dictate the style of the moment and between fashion magazines, social media and influencer promotions, they are hard to ignore. However, what these trends tend to overlook, is functionality. For timeless jewellery that has the quality and durability to survive generations you must ensure that you take the necessary precautions to ensure its strength when put to the test of everyday life. Function over style always!

One of the latest trends in ring design is to have a very thin band width for a dainty and delicate finish. Unfortunately, a lot of buyers overlook the severe impact this has on the physical integrity of the ring and the resulting strength of the diamond’s setting.

So, you're probably asking yourself, what is the optimum bandwidth?

At Bee’s Diamonds, no rings are produced with a band width less than 2.3mm. Through the extensive experience of our experts, this is a band width thin enough to provide the same dainty finish that the trend demands whilst not compromising on the integrity of the band.

There is a very simple reason why designs with thin bands have become so prevalent in fashion jewellery and Instagram lookbooks. Jewellers have been able to significantly reduce their costs by making designs with less gold fashionable as of course, the more gold used, the more expensive it is for jewellers to craft.

At Bee’s Diamonds, our focus is not placed on the immediate costs but instead, on the importance of jewellery lasting a lifetime. Therefore, we always encourage clients to choose designs with a thicker band. Even if a client requests a thin style, our advice would follow the recommendation of a band crafted to a minimum of 2.3mm despite its higher cost to craft.

If you find a jeweller that will craft a ring with a band width less than 2.3mm, then be ready to give them a stern questioning on why they believe the band will be durable enough. Otherwise you could be dealing with a misshaped or cracked band and even a lost stone

It is important to remember that these trends are often short lived and will quickly be replaced with the new “look” of the season. so always make sure that even if the trend passes, you are left with a ring of superior quality.  

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