Which One is the Engagement Ring Finger?

26 March 2020
Why do we wear our engagement rings on our left ring finger?

Whilst it may seem like a simple question to some, there is often lots of confusion surrounding what finger to wear your engagement ring. This confusion stems not only from different cultural traditions but also fashion and style trends.

The most popular way to wear an engagement ring is on your left ring finger (fourth finger). Stemming all the way back to Ancient Roman traditions, it is believed that this is the only finger to have a vein that runs directly to the heart, hence the nickname ‘vein of love’. Most commonly adopted by western cultures, the engagement ring will be worn on the ring finger until a brides wedding day. At this point, the engagement ring will be transferred to the right ring finger to make room for the wedding band. Only placed back on the left ring finger after the wedding ceremony.  

Whilst this may be the most popular finger of choice, other cultures often wear their engagement rings on different fingers. For example, in Russia, Germany, Norway and India, it is more common for women to wear their engagement rings on their right hand. This is largely due to the belief that the left hand is unlucky as ‘left’ in Latin means sinister.

There is also a large difference in generational opinion. For example, in China, older generations would place their engagement rings on their left middle finger whereas, the younger generation are more likely to wear it on the more fashionable left ring finger. As modern style trends take over and more of the younger generation become engaged, this way of wearing an engagement ring is becoming much more prevalent even in the East. 

Whatever, finger you wear your engagement ring on, if you wish to wear it with a wedding band then you must consider how the designs will look when paired together. This is especially important if you would like the wedding band to be flush with your engagement ring. You will want to keep this in mind when choosing a style for your engagement ring, as some styles will not allow for a flush fit.

At the end of the day, it’s your engagement ring and you can decide to wear it however you like! It will always be a truly meaningful symbol of the commitment and love you have for your partner no matter which finger you decide to wear it on.

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