Changing Young Lives Foundation Charity Dinner 2016

30 August 2016

Bee's Diamonds is a proud sponsor of Changing Young Lives Foundation Charity Dinner which was held with stunning success on August 27, 2016 at Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong. We are glad to have made our share of contribution to helping children in need of support in HK. Changing Young Lives help to provide free education, psychological programmes and healthcare to children in HK and in the Mainland. After watching the video of how many kids actually suffer by living in limited, confined space without proper lighting (not even a desk!) to study, and toddlers who only had a cubicle of space to 'run' around in the house, we could not help but to appreciate the blessings we are given and to extend our strengths to those in need. Bee's Diamonds hope everyone can have passionate hearts to help and reach out their helping hands to the weak and little, and we started with our first step of contributing to such good cause by being a proud sponsor of this meaningful charity.

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