Investment Process

  • Step / Learn about diamond investment

    Learn about diamonds and understand how the diamond trade market works. Establish your investment objectives, preferences, expectations and goals, schedule your Preliminary diamond investment consultation where we will assess your investment nature and provide preliminary investment suggestions. You can also ask any questions pertaining to your particular scope or interest in diamond investment. Your identity is our confidentiality.

  • Step / Portfolio proposal

    BIAMS team will compile a Diamond Investment Portfolio (Portfolio) which consists of various investment options suitable for you.

    The Portfolio includes tailored, one-to-one professional insider investment knowledge and advice, market trend analysis, all in one. The portfolio will consist of diamonds that meet the rigorous quality standards of Bee’s Purity to ensure positive and secured investment returns in the long run. It will also include neutral option analysis to help you make an informed decision of a well balanced portfolio based on your personal objectives.

  • Step / Completion

    After choosing your investment option, we will arrange for delivery of the confirmed diamond options. The diamond(s) can also be collected in person at Bee’s Diamonds, delivered to a designated address or stored at an agreed storage facility. If you wish to store your diamonds with a trusted partner, we also provide suggestions of storage options on secure premises locally and abroad.

  • Step / Redemption

    At any time should you wish to redeem your investment, our team will provide valuation of your portfolio’s market value and advice on redemption time. We will survey and propose options of actualization and analyze each liquidation method to maximize your returns. We also offer the option to buy back the diamond investment portfolio you have built up at Bee’s Diamonds. We aim to provide you with hassle-free, secured and professional service for your diamond investments.