Invest In The Purest

Bee’s Diamonds is Hong Kong’s multi-award winning full service jeweller, specializing in bespoke diamond engagement rings, high jewellery and professional diamond service such as appraisals, valuation, and diamond investment advisory. As one of Asia's longest standing diamond wholesalers, Bee's Diamonds celebrates its 43rd year in diamonds while continuing to provide diamonds of pristine clarity to jewellery retailers, investors and individuals worldwide. We pride on our heritage, personalized service and returning customers that shaped Bee’s Diamonds.

Situated in Central, Bee's Diamonds team of experienced artisans design and handcraft unrivalled, unique pieces that bring out the best brilliance in each diamond. Our GIA trained gemologists are here to guide you every step of the way, from selecting a diamond from our readily available inventory to appreciating the details of every angle of a ring. Email us to schedule your personalized appointment and enjoy a truly, once in a lifetime, award winning diamond journey.  

Diamond Investment

Investing in diamonds can be a daunting experience, regardless of whether you are a novice looking for an engagement diamond or an institutional investor with important responsibility to allocate your funds properly. Bee’s Diamonds understand the importance of your investment and we are here to help. Our professional experts can guide investors through making the right decision by equipping you with the necessary knowledge on diamonds and the industry. With a rich history and a dedicated team experienced in wholesale diamonds, Bee’s Diamond is your source of expertise for investing in diamonds in Asia.

Bespoke High Jewellery 

Highly regarded as one of the top bespoke jeweller with unrivalled craftsmanship in Hong Kong, Bee's DIamonds Bee’s Diamonds is your ultimate choice for that perfect engagement ring and finely crafted jewellery. Our diamonds oare of strictest purity and our heartwarming customer service coupled with meticulous attention to detail and perfection earned us numerous prominent awards. If you would like to book a consultation for a customized ring, or interested in getting help with choosing the right diamond, we are always happy to answer any questions, so book an appointment with us for a personalized and private consultation.