Design your Ring

Prong setting is the most popular kind of ring setting nowadays because it allows light to flow into the diamond from all angles with minimal blockage. In particular, 4 prongs and 6 prongs ring settings are most popular. They do not only secure the diamond snuggly, but they also enhance the beauty of a diamond’s symmetry if mounted correctly.

The size of your chosen diamond should be the determinant of whether to choose 4 prongs or 6 prongs setting. If the solitaire diamond weighs more than 2.50 carats, we suggest 6 prongs setting to ensure durability and security. This is because diamonds that weigh more than 2.50 carats are comparatively heavier than what a normal solitaire ring band would be able to withstand, so added prongs would add extra security.

For diamonds that weigh less than that, 4 prongs setting is simple and elegant. The diamond is displayed clearly and sharply without much interference. Australian solitaire ring designs are becoming more popular as they allow more space for light to shine in through the pavilions.

At our consultations, Bee’s Diamonds gemologists will help to determine the most suitable design for the wearer. We classify hand sizes and body built to provide the most suitable suggestions. You can also schedule a consultation here.