Bee's Diamonds - Personal Attention
Personal Attention

You are taken good care of at Bee’s Diamonds by an individual gemologist. You can preview countless diamond options, commission bespoke designs. We guarantee heartwarming pre- and post-sale care services. Private previews are also available.

Bee's Diamonds - Absolute Privacy
Absolute Privacy

Your confidentiality is our virtue. We keep your visit, purchase information and identity by highest privilege. Our building is equipped with a private, executive lift for those who want to arrive with style.

Bee's Diamonds - Convenient Location
Convenient Location

We are located in Hong Kong’s central business district – Central, where it is accessible from all around town. We are also close to Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Shangri-la, Marriott, Hotel LKF, The Pottinger and Conrad Hotel.

Bee's Diamonds - Rigorous Selection
Rigorous Selection

Bee’s Diamonds is obsessed about quality and purity. We hand-pick every diamond by industry’s most rigorous standards. Only 1 out of 80 to 100 diamonds that we inspect would qualify the Bee’s Purity selection criteria and they comprise the top 5 to 10% of diamonds in the market.

Bee's Diamonds - Strict Production & Quality Checks
Strict Production & Quality Checks

Our philosophy is upheld in all areas of craftsmanship. From design to customized creation, our gemologists, designers and artisans oversee all phases of production which end with a three steps quality check, rendering seamless adornment and longevity.

Bee's Diamonds - Social Responsible Diamonds
Socially Responsible Diamonds

Our diamonds are sourced through ethically and morally legal channels with proper documentations and origins. We do not carry diamonds with colour tinge which may signify possibility of conflict zone origins.

Best Value
Bee's Diamonds - No Hidden Costs
No Hidden Costs

We supply diamonds to the trade. So you are buying diamonds at the same value that jewellery retailers would be sourcing at. Our invoices and receipts are transparent and break down all usage of gold, diamonds and production fees for your clear understanding.

Bee's Diamonds - Value for Money
Value for Money

Having been a world-renowned diamond wholesaler for over three generations, we are well-versed in standards that determine market value of diamonds. We translate wholesale value into consumer knowledge for you.

Bee's Diamonds - Tax Free
Tax Free

Take advantage of your purchase in Hong Kong as it is tax free! If you purchase diamonds from other sources, sales tax, export tax and import taxes are all levied. Save up on your taxes for a bigger and higher quality diamond at Bee’s Diamonds.