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Bee's diamonds is brilliant. I can think of no possible reason as to why you would purchase diamonds anywhere else. They are cheaper, of higher quality, the service is perfect and the setting comfortable and it's all done to your exact specifications… Bee's Diamonds main business is a diamond wholesalers, which is why you can get a much better or bigger diamond for less. They have a small personalised jewellery business on the side. The address is correct but be aware it is in an office building and it is not a shop or open to the public, per-se. It is best to contact them and make an appointment… I really cannot recommend Bee's Diamonds enough, they allowed us to pick out all our diamonds and we had the ring made all in 3 days and at a fraction of what it would have cost in a shop. No expense is spared with a beautiful box, certificates for the diamonds and they even allow you to see the laser engraving proving the diamonds authenticity. An added bonus came when we had it valued in London with it being worth double what we paid.

- Billydragon1000 on Tripadvisor, January 2016

Bee's Diamonds designed two products for us... although these products are not expensive, yet they made them with meticulous care, regardless of the sales price. The result was two very satisfactory products very much welcomed by our members. They also handled orders and repeated orders efficiently and with zeal. I believe that their distinguished service deserves recognition.

- Ms. Elsie Leung Oi See, GBM, JP, 2012

I came across Bee's Diamonds profile from raving reviews on the Internet and since we were going to be in Central on the same day, I thought we should swing by and check out the 'store'. We were expecting a retail store and to our surprise, we arrived in an office building. With no expectation of buying and not knowing that we will need to make appointment, the staff still let us in and she was very accommodating and helpful with explaining the process. We ended up finding the perfect diamond and band in not much time. Being fussy with the thickness of the band, she told us that they can customise the thickness to how I prefer. I was overjoyed that she made this visit so easy for us (I was expecting it will be daunting shopping for engagement ring) and the outcome of finding the perfect ring at a reasonable price. I have since told many family and friends about how fantastic Rendy was and passed on Bee's Diamonds info to them. I think it's even worth a trip to HK to get customised jewellery from them. The staff's help and customer service, and quality of the product have surpassed my expectation.

- BlueBerryKisses on Tripadvisor, January 2014

We had a wonderful experience at Bee's Diamond. We went there to get our engagement ring custom made. Their staff who helped us with the design and customisation was super helpful and patient. Even though we had to change the design after it was finalised for the first time, she was still very nice and patient and helped us come up with a final ring that was perfect! Overall we were extremely satisfied and would recommend Bee's Diamonds to any of our friends.

- Kafuleen on Tripadvisor, September 2013

My future wife's decision to go ahead with the wedding depends on me having that wedding band from Bee's Diamonds! Thanks for all your help. The engagement ring and the wedding band looks great together.

- G. Mullen, 2013