Antique Cuts

  • Most diamonds available in today’s market are cut with modern technology to derive brilliant cuttings that maximize the amount of light that can enter into a diamond and be reflected to our eyes. In the old days when technology is not prevalent, diamonds were cut differently. Bee’s Diamonds carry a wide variety of antique cut diamonds, readily available for selection by appointments.
  • Bee's Diamonds - Antique Cuts
  • Rose cut

    This is a sixteenth century cut with a flat base and facets radiating form the center in multiple of six, creating the appearance of an opening rose bud. Rose cut diamonds usually appear in round, pear and oval shapes. Rose cut diamonds are enjoyable a resurgence in popularity in unique, high jewellery.
  • Old-mine cut

    Old-mine cut diamonds is a precursor to the modern brilliant cut. It has a squarish or cushion shape. The crown is higher and the pavilion is deeper than in modern cut diamonds. It has a smaller table with a large culet which can be easily seen from the top. They lack brilliance but often exemplify tremendous fire. The old-mine cut is enjoyable a resurgence in popularity today.
  • Old-European cut

    Old-European cut diamonds appeared in mid-1800s. They look similar to old-mine cut but is round rather than squarish. They come in with 58 facets but the crown is higher than in modern cuts, yet not as high as old-mine cuts. They have deeper pavilions, but not as deep as old mine cuts. The culet is still “open” but smaller than old-mines.
  • Briolette drop

    Briolette drops are often described as three-dimensional tear drops. They are encircled with tiny triangular facets. A single briolette drop diamond can be worn as a pendant and multiple briolettes can be suspected from almost any piece of jewellery. Bee’s Diamonds possess an extensive collection of earrings comprise of briolette drop diamonds.
  • Are diamonds with antique cuts valuable?

    Antique cut diamonds can be beautiful, especially when set on fine jewellery. They are favoured amongst collectors, haute joailliers who appreciate authentic jewellery from these earlier periods. By today’s standards, they lack brilliance and a very large culet may detract from a diamond’s beauty. Value of antique cut diamonds are determined by estimating colour, clarity and the diamond’s weight. We do not suggest recutting antique cut diamonds because the overall integrity of the piece and its value would be adversely affected. For more information on recutting a diamond, please visit here.