White Diamonds

  • Colourless diamonds are valued because they reflect light and glorious flashes of the rainbow spectrum vividly. The fewer other colours a diamond has, the more valuable it tends to be. Sometimes these tints are barely noticeable unless the diamond is compared side by side with another diamond containing a different amount of colour. However, small differences in colour can add up to big differences in price. Colours of diamonds are ranked as follows:
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  • Colour Grades Name of Grades Suitable for
    D E F Colourless / Investment Grade Colours Most popular in Asian countries to reflect a girl's white and flawless skin. Popular combinations include: D/IF, D/VS2, E/VS1 and F/VS2. These colours are also referred to as investment grade colours and are highly favoured by investors who want guaranteed return and liquidity.
    G H I J Near Colourless The most welcoming colour grade for gentlemen, suitable for ladies with healthy skin tone. G and H grade stones are especially popular, recommended combinations include: G/SI1, H/VS1 to VS2.If you want to get the maximum value for your purchase, a diamond in the G-H range would be a good choice as it would appear colorless to the naked eye.
    K L M Yellow Tinge Due to the natural yellow tinge within the stone, this colour grade is more suitable for darker skin stone and sporty women.
    N to Z Light Yellow This colour grade contains a slightly stronger tinge of yellow, more suitable for ladies who like a bit of colour within the stone to show her energy and personality.