Premium Size

  • Most diamonds are cut to retain as much weight as possible and there is a plethora of diamonds that are cut to weigh 0.50 carats, 1.01 carats, 2.01 carats, 3.01 carats, etc.. Diamonds that fall within the weight range of 1.80 to 1.99 carats, 2.20 to 2.99 carats, 3.30 to 3.99 carats are rarer in quantity and supply by nature. They are referred to as premium sized diamonds and quite often, they are cut to a compromised level so to keep as much weight as possible due to market demand.
  • The chance of finding a premium sized diamond with perfect purity and cutting proportions is miniscule due to limited supply and active demand. Over the years, Bee’s Diamonds has gathered and collected a fine selection of top grade, premium sized diamonds which can be viewed privately by appointments.