Choose your diamond

Diamond Guide - About choosing your diamonds

  • Step 1: Learn about diamonds

    Congratulations on your life’s important event - be it a proposal, a recent promotion to the board, or the arrival of a new baby - celebrate it with a beautiful diamond that can last for a lifetime, and from generation to generation. Choosing a diamond can also be a daunting experience.  understand the importance of your occasion and we are here to help.

    You will be attended by a dedicated and highly experienced diamonds specialist who starts your search progress by equipping you with the necessary knowledge on diamonds. This specialist will also be your personal service manager and s/he will be with you all the way from consultation, selection, design, to production. Alternatively, you can also start by identifying the size and shape of a diamond that you or your other half likes. Next, decide on the quality of the diamond depending on its clarity, colour, cut and fluorescence within your budget range. You can also:

    • read more about the 4Cs and other important grading factors here;
    • schedule a complimentary, first meeting with ’ specialists who have helped to match countless couples with their perfect diamond; or
    • attend one of the  seminars on diamonds appreciation; or
    • send us an email and ask us any questions you have about diamonds.

  • Step 2: Choosing a design

    After you find your ideal diamond, it is time to decide on a design. Every design is tailor-made to suit the size, shape and fire of each diamond and is made by some of the most experienced goldsmiths and craftsmen in Hong Kong in order to ensure durability, quality and maximum brilliance.  will only mount diamonds by its girdle so that light can shine through into the diamond from all angles. Thickness of each prong and shrank are meticulously calculated to ensure stability.  will not tolerate any requests to compromise on quality. All of our jewelleries have to pass our three-step Quality Assurance Test which ensures quality and refined exquisiteness.

  • Step 3: Choose your gold

    The fineness of gold utilized to set a piece of jewellery plays an integral role in its durability. At , we use the purest forms of gold in our jewelleries, consisting of the choice of either 18K gold or platinum. All jewelleries bear a mark indicating the fineness of gold content and a detailed invoice or receipt stating the content will be issued to our customers at the time of collection/delivery.

    18K Gold

    The standard of fineness for 18K Gold is 750. This refers to the gold content being 75% gold and 25% being other gold alloys, including palladium and silver. 18K Gold jewelleries can appear in white (silvery), black, purple, blue or even rose-colours. It is most commonly seen in white gold because of its strength to withstand normal wear and tear due to its rhodium plating which is extremely hard and it minimizes the jewellery’s vulnerability to scratches.

    For customers who may have slight risk of skin allergies towards the gold alloys used in 18K gold, we recommend setting your diamond onto platinum which is a dense, malleable, ductile precious, gray-white transition metal. The majority of platinum jewellery is 95% pure platinum combined with 5% iridium, palladium, ruthenium or other alloys. We can also set your diamond with 99% pure platinum and 1% palladium. Although platinum is hard in nature, it is also extremely ductile and malleable which is not recommended for setting jewelleries with refined details or with a valuable center diamond. Platinum is also vulnerable to daily wear and tear and can be susceptible to scratches resulted from constant contacts with hard surfaces.

  • Step 4: Sizing and Fitting

    If you are making a ring, you may not have the ring size for an intended finger.  suggests a few ways to obtain the correct ring size:

    • Take a current ring that fits the intended finger properly and measure it on  Ring Size Measurement Chart;
    • Wrap a tight string (the texture and material of the string cannot stretch or twist which may yield an inaccurate measurement) around the intended finger and measure its length on a ruler*, this will give the inner diameter measurement for the ring. Find the ring size on  Ring Size Measurement Chart;
    • Ask friends or close relatives of your ring recipient if they know his/her finger size; or
    • Ask the intended ring recipient her ring size if this is not a surprise gift.

    *Be aware that finger size can change depending on the time of day and the weather. You are advised to measure the finger size at the end of day or when fingers are warm, or measure it 3 to 4 times to ensure accurate reading.

    In order to provide full customer satisfaction,  will provide one time complimentary ring resize within three months after purchase. Please contact us to arrange for a ring resize.

    After a design and its size are confirmed, our craftsmen will commence the production process by hand-casting a sliver mold that brings out the maximum level of fire of your chosen diamond. We will arrange a time for you to review and try the size of the mold before the diamond is set. All of ’ rings are produced with an added benefit of comfort fit, a feature which renders the wearer better fit of the ring in between the finger and the palm.

    Upon request, you can also witness the setting process in our production workshop in Central. With your own hands, you can even place the diamond onto the ring while the goldsmith set it securely. Many take this opportunity for a photo to be shown at their weddings!

  • Step 5: Laser Engravings and delivery

    Using world’s latest technology,  offers complimentary laser engraving service, enabling you to inscribe any important dates, messages or key words onto the interior or exterior of the ring. You can also choose your desired font from our font list or choose any languages. Common engravings include date of engagement, initials, bible verses and expressive messages such as “I love you” or “Love is the essence of life” to signal an important stage of life’s progression.

    Your piece of diamond jewelery is now ready for delivery or pick up, whichever is more convenient for you. We can arrange for international delivery through acclaimed courier with insurance coverage. Comprehensive after-sale care service is also readily available.